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Analogy Plus invests technology resources in mission-driven start-ups, non-profits, and innovative businesses. Our clients see us as partners who can support and guide them towards long term success in their desired technology goals.

Idea to Execution and Beyond


Magic happens when active listening creates the spark that lights up possibilities for you. This is the start of a journey that iterates over and over to create something that works for your users and you.

Development Road Map

Ideating on a concept allows us to provide you with various product alternatives that possess the desired goals. Using your business insights and our expertise together we define the product development road map starting from first release and moving on to the next phase and beyond.

Software Implementation

Development roadmap allows us to focus team efforts on evolving priorities while keeping an eye on the big picture.


Getting to a quick first release is the main focus of our software development team. We hit the ground running - ready to learn and gather analytics from the product launch.


Fast iteration and quick and responsive turn around times is our focus as we learn from gathered metrics, implement changes to the product, and tweak features.


Effective entrepreneurs understand continuous improvement. We believe that great software is a combination of clear vision and regular updates from real world feedback.

Just one call with us can make you better informed on what it takes to make your app idea a reality!

We are a customer-centric company and our core focus is on delivering software products that help our clients succeed. With Analogy Plus, you can be assured that we will always listen to you and innovate on your behalf because your success is ours.

Our Expertise

Effective software needs more than a fancy design. Great user experience is delivered when the application honors the user's expectation and brings them joy. We take pride in working with you to ideate on your application concept and align it with your business goals.

Mobile Apps

We build Native IOS apps, Native Android Apps, Hybrid solutions and much more. If your application needs a server side, we build secure backends as well. We'll work with you to figure out what solution makes sense for you.

Web Apps

Modern web technologies have evolved to allow rich experiences to be delivered over a browser. Making web applications requires a fundamental understanding of the web protocols. We have honed our skill over the years and constantly keep up to date on the latest trends and tools to bring to you the best that real time web can offer.

GeoSpatial Apps

Geographic information systems technology has come a long way from it’s reliance on proprietary mapping software. Recent developments offer compelling, cost-effective alternatives and in some cases provide better solutions. We have comprehensive experience in both open source and proprietary GIS technologies and can guide you in making the right decision for your needs.

IoT Apps

They say great things come in small packages. We believe this and that's why we love working with IoT projects. Efficiently applying today's technology to these projects poses interesting problems that we love to tackle.

Software Consulting

Whether you are staring at a blank screen and have nothing more than a seed of an idea or if you've already extensively developed a plan - feel free to reach out to us. We can help you get to the next step. Our software team can work with you to refine your concept and take leaps and bounds forward towards your success. Or if you need a second opinion - give us a call.

Recent projects



(Disaster Operations Management Around Communities): A platform to help cities manage climate disasters with end-to-end integrations for public services. Built to support those most in needs, DOMAC addresses immediate recovery needs as well as tackling long term community resiliency.



(Environmental Operating System): A solution to gather environmental information and provide data-driven solutions around the implications of human projects on the ecosystem. Leveraging machine learning, it has the ability to derive predictions and help governments and organizations make informed decisions around their next steps.



An educational platform tailored at improving the learning journey for students by studying towards an inspiring goal. Having a clear project and career to want to pursue helps students find back their passion and drive the next academic revolution for the leaders of tomorrow.



The new platform to start, maintain and execute on rituals to tackle life’s most important aspects. With social integrations and built-in analytics, it promotes engaging workflows and insightful measurements of one’s progress to reach a state of continuous self improvement and growth.



A simple geolocation application to learn about what other people are doing in the surrounding area and interact socially.



The new platform that makes donating fun and interactive. By connecting to local venues and engaging with the community, Donna reimagines how communities can build resiliency and contribute to each member’s wellbeing.


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VP of Data and Design
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User Experience
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Software Engineer
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Software Engineer



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