Alex Bostic

GIS Application Developer at URS Corporation

“Very few companies have leaders that are both creative, and analytical, steadfast and cutting edge, reserved and exploratory with an understanding when to leverage which skill set.  You get all that and more by working with Analogy Plus.  They are focused on their objectives, and client success is imperative.  Because of their well rounded understanding of requirements and their technical proficiency, they know how to pick or develop the right tool for the job.  You can leave the technology to them and focus on your other business needs.”

Drew Andriani

Technical Program Manager at Amazon

“Dave is a senior software engineer on the team I manage at URS. Dave has strong analytical and communication skills and a very solid technical background. His ability to solve complex problems and enthusiasm for learning are strengthened by his skill in effectively communicating with stakeholders and clients at all levels. 

Dave can quickly understand client’s business needs and translate them into clear, concise requirements and working solutions. Dave’s professionalism, versatility and value as a both an individual contributor and team player make him a great asset to any organization.”

Kevin McMaster

GIS Project Manager at URS Corporation

“I have found Saurabh’s endless thirst for knowledge to be a source of inspiration, as is his ability to go the extra mile to solve a complex problem, identify inefficiencies, or research and improve upon the “best practices” of an organization. His happiness and enthusiasm is apparent when he is tackling a new problem with no known path for solution, and he is very quick to identify new methods or technologies available to help in the analysis. Highly recommended!”

Michael Wilhelm

Homeland Security Coordinator at US Postal Inspection Service

“While working for the US Postal Service, my manager wanted to develop a web site to support the hazardous materials and aviation security programs. Dave was the lead developer for a complex web site that supported the entire postal network and provided users tools to conduct audits, a document library and many other features.
Dave was a pleasure to work with because of his excellent people skills and ability to explain complex issues in common language. He listened to us and understood our needs, enabling him to create a web site that was highly rated by the end users. Dave is a hard worker and the project was completed in a timely manner and within budget.
I highly recommend Dave for your IT needs.”

Brian Davis

Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton

“I worked closely with Dave Wolf for over five years during the development of a website that provided our client with comprehensive, and robust, options including: online data collection; documents library; data collection tools; detailed reporting; and data analysis tools. His work was always greeted with high regard by the users and the client was very happy with the quality of his work – so much so that what started out as a simple data storage website turned into a very large, multi-faceted/multi-tiered website offering the client many options for entering, retrieving, and analyzing those data. Dave always had a great attitude and was consistently ready to work toward the client’s goals. When I would discuss the client’s needs with him he would routinely offer multiple options for getting the job done so that we could choose the best scenario for the client, keeping in mind development time and cost. He would also explain the website development process in a clear fashion to me so that I could relay it back to the client in an effective manner.”

Allison Westlund

Project Manager at Michael Baker Corporation

“I have worked with Saurabh Kulkarni, the founder and CEO of Analogy Plus, for over ten years and have continually been impressed by his vast expertise and ability to approach any problem innovatively and efficiently.  Led by Saurabh, Analogy Plus delivers real value to its clients in the areas of GIS, web mapping and technology services, and software development by being truly customer-centric and providing expert solutions.”

Peter Chaput, P.E.

Hydrologist at U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

“I worked with Saurabh from April 2007 to November 2010, including approximately six months of being his direct supervisor.  During that time, he was a catalyst for enhancing the technology capabilities used for various GIS and mapping tools.  In particular, Saurabh was at the forefront on utilizing unique solutions that simplified tasks and resolved problems.  Very often he was able to leverage existing open source algorithms, subroutines, and software, and at times developed his own solutions to spatial databases and mapping problems.
I would highly recommend Saurabh Kulkarni for anyone seeking a forward thinking and efficient technologist, who has a broad experience base but will increase his depth of knowledge in an area to ensure the client’s goals are met.”

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