Software Services


Application Development

Have a great idea and don’t know where to start? Need help with developing a custom solution for your Business? We can help make your web application vision come to life. Our engineers will listen to your needs and provide you with a clear proposal and project timeline that will get you to the product you want.


Legacy Software Support and Systems Integration

Are you stuck with a dependency on a legacy system that no one is willing to support any more? Is this situation limiting your capabilities? We can help free you from this common problem by evaluating alternative approaches to your current requirements. We can also help integrate legacy systems with newer software to develop a seamless workflow for your business.


Software Maintenance

Regular software maintenance is critical to the smooth running of your business and for reducing exposure to security risks. Whether you are unhappy with your existing maintenance team or looking to find someone to integrate additional features into your existing code base, consider us. We love looking under the hood and identifying areas for improvement. You’ll know we are taking care of you when your systems are running so smoothly you don’t notice a thing.


Second Opinion

Are you in the midst of approving software development proposals and need someone on your side to help you make a decision? We can work on your behalf to identify your needs and to solicit application development proposals, or you can consult with us for a second opinion. Software development requires a significant financial commitment and conflicts of interest often abound. With Analogy Plus you get a trusted independent entity working to ensure that your resources are being used wisely.


Team Augmentation

Does your company need help with augmenting your services? We can help to expand your workforce on an as-needed basis. We may even be able to help expand your horizons beyond your everyday expertise—you might be surprised at the quick and easy solutions we can offer that will impress your clients and fulfill on your promises. You keep the clients and let us do the work.

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