Sometimes it’s easier to convey what we can do for you with a story.

Here are a few projects that will get you thinking about the possibilities.

I Need an Out of the Box Solution

A local web development and internet marketing business owner approached us to build a custom mapping application for a client. The idea was to create a customized MRS listing data feed for a real estate website.

What we provided was an out-of-the-box solution that allowed our client to display MRS listing information in a unique way that set him apart from his competition. While most real estate agents are only able to display listings in the same format, our mapping solution created a fresh look and feel.

Augment My Services

In working with a web development client we discovered that when it came to managing the technical requirements to deliver on a product, it was a constant head ache for him to find and work with developers to get the job done.  In addition, his limited technical knowledge affected his ability to oversee the work being done. He was much happier focusing his energies on his core areas of expertise, internet marketing and working with clients.

We discovered a win-win partnership by helping to augment his services. Not only are we now helping him to focus on what he enjoys doing most, which is working with customers, but we have been able increase his depth of offerings with our breadth of technical experience and expertise.

Fix My Broken Legacy Software

A valued client introduced us to a friend and business owner with a typical problem: a piece of software that was integral to his business was incomplete and riddled with inefficiencies. After tens of thousands of dollars, and layers upon layers of inadequate work was done by on-shore and off-shore developers alike, he was badly burned and had a non-functional product. He was stuck and didn’t know who to he could trust for a solution.

When we started peaking under the hood the problems were evident right away. Then we took a deeper look inside and outside from a technical and non-technical perspective. We spent time listening, over several weeks and several phone calls, and looked at the existing software that was handed off to him. We took the time to understand what he had gone through before offering a solution.

Once we understood the software and the business owner’s vision, we were able to provide a solution that salvaged part of what he had at a fraction of the cost of what he’d been quoted by other developers. We saved our client time and money and got our client to realize his vision.

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