Mapping Services


Open Source GIS

Geographic information systems technology has come a long way from it’s reliance on proprietary mapping software. Recent developments have led to robust spatial databases such as PostGRES + PostGIS and Desktop mapping software such as QGIS. These products offer compelling cost-effective alternatives and in some cases provide better solutions. We have comprehensive experience with these systems and can guide you in making the right decision for your needs.


Interactive Mapping Portals

Web Map portals are capable of doing so much more than showing points on a map. Our interactive web mapping applications deliver state-of-the-art visualizations that allow full interactivity with spatial and non-spatial datasets. This interactivity is often just what’s needed to facilitate decision making by bringing the data together in one place. Some of the features built into our mapping portals include scenario analysis, live spatial and non-spatial data feeds, and fluid graphics.


GIS Workflows

Any non-trivial GIS analysis requires a robust workflow to deliver accurate and consistent work product. Our workflow analysis and development team can help you to analyze and optimize your existing workflows or develop new ones. We offer solutions using traditional ESRI technologies or other open source alternatives.


Large Spatial Datasets

Processing large spatial datasets can lead to numerous problems with scalability. We have identified ways to optimize these processes. We can work with you to implement strategies that optimize performance in your current processing environment or you can offload these tasks on our servers.


Team Augmentation

Does your company need help with augmenting your services? We can help to expand your workforce on an as-needed basis. We may even be able to help expand your horizons beyond your everyday expertise—you might be surprised at the quick and easy solutions we can offer that will impress your clients and help you fulfill on your promises. You keep the clients and let us do the work.

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