Data Services


Data Analytics

Enhance your research with new and interesting insights. Our geospatial data analysis experts can help you identify new ways to look at your geospatial and non-geospatial data to uncover useful information. We can help with business site location selection, demographics research, evaluation of alternatives, multi-criteria decision analysis, and much more.


Data Discovery and Cataloging

If you have large data archives, there could be a treasure trove of actionable intelligence stacked aways in PDF files, paper reports or in backup archives just waiting to be leveraged. We clean up your space, make room for meaningful insights, and find hidden gems in your digital and non-digital assets. We get you organized so your data can work for you.


Data Visualization

Trying to make sense of large amounts of data? Need a great visual display to deliver your message effectively? We can turn the the data you have into something meaningful with interactive dashboards, interactive charts and reports, dynamic visualizations, and much more. Our goal is to make your data work for you.


Data Conversions

Overwhelmed or burdened with large data conversions tasks or data clean up work? We love this tedious work, so pass it to us. We routinely handle unmanageable, unstructured datasets and have developed in-house processes to ensure your data conversions go smoothly and you are left with a quality, air-tight, organized, manageable finished product.


Team Augmentation

Does your company need help with augmenting your services? We can help to expand your workforce on an as-needed basis. We may even be able to help expand your horizons beyond your everyday expertise—you might be surprised at the quick and easy solutions we can offer that will impress your clients and fulfill on your promises. You keep the clients and let us do the work.

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