Geospatial Property Information Management System


Our state of the art geospatial property management portal allows you to keep track of your geospatial assets and efficiently manage asset information over a web based portal. The system is built from the ground up to ensure usability on a variety of devices from tablets to mobile phones. 


Key Features

  • Easy to customize, easy to install. You give us your specifications and we do the work required to get you up and running.
  • Low monthly maintenance cost.
  • A map-based user interface to navigate and locate geospatial assets.
  • A customizable asset management dashboard to keep track of data associated with spatial assets. When you navigate to and click on an asset, your customized dashboard will display the information you chose.
  • A search function that allows you to input criteria and view the resulting assets.
  • Robust database backend supported by open-source PostGRES + PostGIS to house your geospatial and non-geospatial data.

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