We help you to harness the vast array of technology that’s out there. There are so many great tools that are constantly changing. We want to connect people to those tools.




At Analogy Plus, our multi-disciplinary approach helps us look at the big picture while solving current problems creatively. We believe that different perspectives matter and this guides us to delivering great results consistently.


The first is the most critical step. We spend time understanding and assessing your needs. Only then can we begin to develop the right solution for you.


Technology is constantly changing. We research to find the best solution for your situation.  Then we clearly explain how our solution will meet your expectations.


Measurable milestones will allow you to track progress. During this time we implement your input and feedback.  This way when we reach the final product and the deliverable, there are no surprises, and we can rest assured knowing you will be happy with the end result.



Analogy Plus was founded on the idea that the same problems exist across multiple domains.  Boiled down to their core components many problems are essentially analogous. We are passionate about connecting the dots to bring our customers the best solutions.  We thrive on the challenge of crossing industries and integrating different ideas and knowledge bases, and we are continuously researching to keep abreast of the latest and greatest in technology.
 We are able to offer services to such a wide customer base—from a civil engineering firm with a legacy software problem, to a dentist needing a website and a custom database for his customers, to a municipal agency needing help with visualizing their data.
 We have experience working in jobs of all sizes. From big data jobs requiring multiple processors to creating a simple word cloud using online tools that spoke volumes for our customer’s cause.
 More than just being passionate about problem solving and technology, we are committed to providing the best solution for your needs.
 At Analogy Plus, we are energized by the idea of making technology work for you so that your work, your vision, and your passion can come alive. We will develop solutions that will revolutionize your business whether you are the engineering firm or the municipal agency.



Saurabh Kulkarni, P.E., CFM

Analogy Plus, LLC was started by Saurabh Kulkarni in 2013. Saurabh is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Virginia with over 15 years of experience in engineering, technology, software development, and geographic information systems. With deep insight into problem solving methods and a passion for technology, Saurabh’s unique vision allows Analogy Plus to perform a special service to customers.
In laying a natural bridge connecting problem solving with groundbreaking technologies of the day, Saurabh is able to elevate performance to a higher level. Having a non-dogmatic approach to problem solving is key. He is well aware that not all problems can be solved with technology, for example he may suggest you take your paper-pad to collect field data if your is your situation demands it.
Additionally, Saurabh’s ability to connect technology dots across multiple domains enables him to provide services to a wide variety of customer base.

Dave Wolf-300x300

Dave Wolf, PMP

Dave Wolf is a certified project manager with over twenty years of experience as a software developer, analyst, project manager, and trainer. Strong business and people skills enable him to identify problems; strong technical skills enable him to propose solutions.
Dave has experience leading development, documentation and maintenance of secure web applications for County, State and Federal government clients. He also has experience working with Federal and private clients to analyze and develop automation solutions for new and existing business processes.



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